Sourcing and Supply of Goods & Services

The world of energy is multi-faced with complexities, particularly with evolving techniques cutting across mankind and technical know- how in proffering solutions to the right kind of Job in the maritime and energy sector.

This subheading as the name implies may be simple to the layman, but when we talk about energy, and in CIS language, we talk in technical terms. Agree with me or not, the doctrine of procurement services aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging supplies of the perfect good (products) and the delivery of the best unique service is our middle name.

We are first hand in looking for the right and best tools, equipment, apparatus and of course the supply of general goods & services (manpower). We have got the strategy and will do it smartly. Therefore, CIS supply of goods & services refers to the value added process, respective co-operation scheme supported by advanced analytic and market intelligences as we are concerned with procurement optimization.