Corporate Values and Principles

Shareholders: To defend shareholders legitimate interests through consistent, intrinsic growth of their investment and confidence in the Company with adequate remuneration.

Clients: Focus on full satisfaction of client's expectations in accordance with best practice principles of integrity and responsibility. NNPC, Exxon Mobil, Total, Chevron, Addax Petroleum and others.

Organization: Continuing exploration for excellence through the establishment of ambitious goals and selection of leaders at all levels with the ability to assume responsibility, take on challenges and achieve targets.

Standards: Compliance with applicable international standards, municipal laws particularly with regards to project specification and certifications.

Personnel: Fair remuneration for work done, creation of conducive conditions for professional development and an environment for meritorious, vertical promotion and co-existence

Environment: Harmonious and peaceful integration into our social milieu based on active policy of environmental protection and cooperation with host communities.