Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment & Security Policy


In response to increased security threats to lives, equipment and company properties, this plan when activated in a security emergency is intended to safeguard lives and properties. A team headed by our Head of Security Department shall coordinate response to all emergencies. In exceptional circumstance of when situations escalate beyond the scope of our Head of Security, or in the event of large-scale civil disorder, impacting on security of the entire operation, the client and the State Police Force and other security agency will be informed immediately . Security emergency sceneries.

  • -    Normal
  • -    Armed Robbery
  • -    General Industrial action by contractor workers
  • -    Actions by community workers
  • -    Community disturbance
  • -    General Civil unrest
  • -    Avoiding strongly against kidnapping and other suit vices/Abuse


CIS Oil and Gas has it as a policy and function to manage security and community affairs as an integral part of its business so as to minimize the number of security and community related incidents for all staff, clients and third party personnel involved in its operations. To this effect, HSE's department and all staff should be committed.


  • To be pro-active and discourage attacks on project personnel, equipment and facilities by any group or persons.
  • To have a clearly defined response pattern to each type of security emergency identified.
  • To minimize the consequences of any surprise attack on project personnel and equipment.


To ensure that the security arrangements as laid in this plan are effective, the following provisions shall be maintained at all times.

  • 1.    A 24 hour per day communication link between site, contractors base and clients office.
  • 2.    Normal Security alert and in view installation of fibre option career in our site / content zone if necessary.
  • 3.    Regular briefing to maintain awareness of the security threats and the applicable response patterns
  • 4.    Drills to test effectiveness and ensure familiarity with the procedures.
  • 5.    Adequate number of boats as required at each location to rapidly evacuate personnel from the location in an emergency.
  • 6.    At least 21 days emergency stock levels for foods, fuel and portable water.


  • 1.    Floating (i.e water based and located in one position for a period of time). These include work barge, houseboats, crew boats, etc.
  • 2.    Mobile (i.e moves daily to and from site and work locations). Dry plants, bush cutting


The security and logistics support resources available to the operations and their roles are as follows:


  • -   Shall provide the first line of security by providing adequate number of trained security operative at all spreads.
  • -   Shall liaise with relevant Government Security Agencies to ensure their assistance whenever required.