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To serve our customers' needs, with high quality, value added product and excellent service delivery in energy matters.

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With Integrity& Honesty, we intend to be better than our competitors.

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Through superior return on equity and company's growth, we intend to maintain the best international practice, in energy and own, operate & manage quality vessels and services.

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Vessel Supply

Our team has a wealth of experience in the marine and oil & gas industry. With an experience project management and supply team, CIS OIL & GAS LIMITED is capable of identifying the right vessel for the right job, saving customers time and money.

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Marine Operations

With our experienced partners, we offer the most comprehensive and professional Marine Operations services, with Competitive Rates. Our Services are available 24hours all through the year for your convenience.

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Manpower Services

We are evolving into leading supplier of manpower services to the fledgling upstream, midstream and downstream sector in Nigeria. We source, supply unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled labourers according to our client's requirement and instruction.

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Sourcing and Supply

The world of energy is multi-faced with complexities, particularly with evolving techniques cutting across mankind and technical know- how in proffering solutions to the right kind of Job in the maritime and energy sector.

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